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Udp request for F1 2019

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can you please implement the fuel delta in laps and the time delta in the UDP packets in F1 2019? 

I have a custom wheel with tft display and use simhub software to customize my data on screen, but in 2018 I was struggling to get the same data on my display regarding those 2 delta's. 


The same would be nice regarding the driver in front and behind time.


thx in advance!

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635414756_Screenshot_20190520-115651_VideoPlayer.thumb.jpg.48ddf4d1414e7fc11239f62d6683e43f.jpgHey AlexTT,

Yes, we are really missing the Fuel Telemetry data. I did also make an Forum topic regarding this, but no reaction yet 

I use SIM Dashboard and here also the Fuel info is an estimated calculation and is never the same as in game, due to the missing Telemetry Fuel Data from COdemasters.

Lets hope CM does put the Fuel Telemetry Data in F1 2019 game.

Regarding your other question..i know this is already available in 2018 Telemetry Data, because i use it with SIM Dashboard. See my attachment.


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Those delta's i already use, however car in front can also be a backmarker when you are leading.


i meant the delta below the gear indicator, I don't always get the same values.


fuel packets need to be extended with more info indeed.

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