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F1 2018 - Steam: Having CTDs for the first time ever

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So I've never really had any game-breaking issues with the game... until last night.

It goes to the track loading screen, and on "Please wait" it just freezes and crashes now.

I activated GSync for the first time, and now the game just crashes to desktop. Even if I turn it off, it still does it now. Somehow, I don't believe it's related to that anyway and that it's just a coincidence.

I've already deleted the hardware_settings_config.xml and recreated it from scratch, as well as verified the integrity of the game files. Both of these include multiple PC restarts, but to no avail. I have also tried it after unplugging my wheel.

I guess posting the log files would be pointless as Codemasters are already focusing on the next game.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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Wanted to add that I had to remove RAM for an RMA, but that I doubted that it was the cause as I still have 8GB left. How wrong I was!

Upped my paging file to 10GB and off she went.

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