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[Xbox One] Is anyone still playing OnRush? Share screenshots and gameclips if you have them.


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This forum topic will center more along the lines of people sharing clips, screenshots, and basically discussing things about this amazing and underrated gem of a game we call Onrush. It seems to me like the forum is dead but maybe we could revive it? (doubtful but optimistic) But overall, I just want to see who's out there and still playing because there seems to be no activity outside of the game itself. 

 I've played a lot of matches of Onrush and I have to say that my favorite game modes to play are Overdrive and Switch with The Charger being my favorite class to play next to interceptor. I've also took some time during my playtime to take a few screenshots of my own. 

(Also my first ever forum post I have ever made...ever. I feel like a noob.)




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