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PS4 Pro + Dirt Rally (bad PSVR CODE?)

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Hey guys. recently bought a copy of Dirt Rally. Popped the disc into my PS4 Pro and it loaded up no problem. Had been playing it for a couple of days when I saw there was a redemption code for the PSVR version. I don't have a PSVR yet but figured I’d just redeem to cod before I lost it. Since then the game will not work. It sits forever stuck on “preparing 0%” and never moves off it. I’ve tried everything I can think of, which had been to delete and reinstall the entire game, to turn off and unplug my system, to rebuild the entire database.  Nothing works.  Any ideas guys, has this happened to anyone before? Basically I have a perfectly legit game which I paid for that seems to be totally locked up. Thanks in advance for any help.


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Okay, as a follow up to this I finally got it working again. But to do that I had to:

Delete the game

Delete all save game data

Reset the PS4

Rebuild the database

Reset the PS4 again.

After all that the game now downloaded as it first did when I originally loaded it. Obs I've lost all my save game data and have to start over, which is not catastrophic as I’d only been playing a couple of days. But it's annoying. @Codemasters any idea why redeeming that PSVR code caused all this? Has been 24 hours of online searching and frustration for what should be a bonus add on.




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