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A warning to you all

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I'm sure you will have all seen the interclub fights that have been occurring on the forum. End it. The forum is not the place to be naming and shaming, nor to abuse and insult each other over what is, remember, a game. Some users may find it fun to ram each other, and that's is fine - you paid for the game. Don't, however, make it ruin the experience for others and then begin accusing each other of starting it - at least not on this forum.

If you see anyone deliberately ruining another person's race, block them, report them or ignore them (or all 3).

If you insist on battling it out, take it elsewhere, organise a duel or whatever, but you do not continue it in public on this forum. From now on, warnings and bans will be issued if you continue to fight. 
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If this were Forza, the behaviour of some people and teams on Xbox would see online bans being handed out left right and centre. Unfortunately, CM doesn't seem to have the resources or inclination to police what happens on line. There are regrettably massive childish vendettas going on that often spoil the game for people who just want to race. Some people's posts on this forum make themselves out to be victims, when in fact they are the ones who are aggressive and continually escalate minor incidents into targeted crashfests, then there's retaliation etc etc ad nauseum. They know who they are and everyone else online knows who they are, but they seem to think their behaviour is OK and there seems to be no end to it. I just stay out of the way, race clean and ignore them. It's a shame everyone can't do this, but some grown ups can't seem to help acting like little children.
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