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End of bug fixes


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How I have seen it is...


There was much hype about DR2 when it was announced. More so when the previews of it came on Youtube.

Most of the wellknown racing sim Youtubers told how great the physics and graphics was/is and almost none of them gave much negative critics and barely mentioned the FFB.

Maybe something changed between the preview versions, that those preview testers had and the, and the release version, but I have yet to find any notes from these testers / youtubers that indicates that this was the case.

Quickly after release the lacking FFB became one of the most apperent "bug" with DR2. I also found the FFB lacking on my system, but at no point has I felt that DR2 wasn´t fun or even would call it unplayable.

I think the main issue here is how the community exaggerated the problems into a very hyped negative posture, but this was also well suspended by Codemasters lack of feedback of what would go to happen and should be a lesson for them to be much more active communicating with their customers.

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