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I’m not going to make this a long debate but rather get straight to the point,  please explain why you have not addressed the current issues why are we still having to deal with ( AL cars BOT cars PLA cars )  still currently causing havoc ? 

Then you have the idiot racer as you go to overtake he or she will sideswipe you and does not receive a penalty or there vehicle is not disabled for at least 3 to 5 seconds minimum.

It is just getting a bit boring been knocked off the track being smashed into from the rear and people not being penalised.

Chris Grove you have made a lot of promises ??? But let’s remind ourselves a promise is a comfort to a fool ... So no more promises address the situation ASAP


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just like to add a few things (not sure this just happens to me but):

1. unfair starts ... it might just be me but 90% of the sprint & quali races I start on the back foot and the head start of the opponent just increases until the first corner. at least previously I still won the duel if I finished within the 

2. ghost cars in quali races ... because of the head start most of the first corner breaking I have to do blind because I'm INSIDE the other car (and those cars are not even fully transparent anymore instead they are solid in pieces such as the rear wings). No real F1 quali will have a car closely in front of them ... so why shall we? Just add a setting to switch the ghost OFF.

3. grid races power and performance ... the opponents and the Ai cars are still much faster similar to a real F1 car losing their hybrid power. 

4. challenges counting ... completed challenges (ie. perform a perfect start) are frequently NOT counted.

5. opponent matching ... needs looking at so we are not paired in duels with people in totally levels.

6. in app help ... it's useless ... I only get generic answers and nothing gets addressed.

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Feels good to vent, doesn’t it.  We take the time to carefully address the bugs, the glitches, and the failures.  We truly want the game to be what it truly could be.   Alas, we get shined on with empty promises, stickers, and a shiny gold car.  But the core doesn’t change.  We have to relearn the game after every update, while still continuously dealing with the bugs that were never fixed, the newly introduced bugs, and the cavalier attitude that the carrot is worth the beatings with the stick.  


Its not.  I tried to run Monaco and the frame rate wouldn’t allow it.  I don’t watch the same tired videos that increased substantially a couple updates back.  I rarely open the game and when I do, I’m simply reminded of how truly awful this game has death spiraled.  I also sorta wait for answers I know will never come for issues I detailed.  


Good luck, your sincerity is admired



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