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DiRT 3 Complete Edition - how I got it installed on new PC with GFWL and add-ons

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I had already installed DiRT 3 Complete Edition on an old PC, and already collected the add-ons which are supplied as download codes, so they were already against my GFWL account. However, when I started the game it wouldn't connect to GFWL and I couldn't re-download the add-ons.

All I did was to open Control Panel, open Programs and Features, then Uninstall both "Microsoft Games for Windows Marketplace" and "Microsoft Games for WIndows - LIVE Redistributable", as I think DiRT 3 automatically installs an older version when you install it.

I then collected and installed the latest GFWL from here: http://www.xbox.com/en-GB/Live/PC/DownloadClient

Then, when I open the installed Microsoft Games for Windows Marketplace it allowed the re-download of the previously installed add-ons (Power and Glory Car Pack, Mud and Guts Car Pack and Free Car Pack, which I claimed even earlier with an original DiRT 3 version).

When booting the game, it told me a new version of GFWL was available, so I installed that as well, and then all seems to be well.

So that'll keep me going until the Steam port is finally released. Whenever that might be!
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