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Disappointing Hardcore Damage - Dirt Rally 2.0

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Hello Devs,

Despite many wonderful things about Dirt Rally 2.0, the results of a seemingly fatal crash with hardcore damage on far too often results in minimal effect on the car mechanically. There should be no reason a car can bounce off a wall of rocks, barrel roll 5x and continue on with the rally with zero mechanical issues, no less terminal damage. Many people would like to see suspensions, transmissions, and engines being significantly affected in hardcore mode with minor to moderate collisions and crashes.

Having the fear of serious mechanical failure at every turn makes the game more satisfying to master at speed. There is no real risk in throwing a car into every turn with confidence at speed because hardcore damage doesn't really feel hardcore enough. If suspension or engine issues were major enough after collisions to stop one from effectively finishing a rally, it would make the experience much more immersive. It's supposed to be hardcore, but it doesn't feel realistic at all currently. Please devs, take this into account as it can make the allure of mastering a rally incredibly realistic and satisfying, and that's all what many of the fans of dirt rally want. 

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