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F1 2019 Game - Sign Ups Xbox

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Hi all,

We are finalising numbers for our first season on the 2019 game. If interested just go on this link and put your gamertag in - we’ll get in touch with more information before the season.



Site is www.pesonline.co.uk

Settings - Short quali, 50% race, manual ERS, starts and pits, all other assists allowed

Setup - we have been running about 4 years now. We run 10 race seasons across two divisions with promotion and relegation each season for the best / worst drivers.

Races are at 9pm (UK time) on a Sunday.

We have something for everyone, give us a go if you’re not sure on your plan for the new game!

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Bumping this over the next couple of weeks ahead of the game coming out. 28 drivers confirmed so far, 12 more seats up for grabs right now

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