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No, endless donuts will not burn out your tires, see?

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yeah i have realized that too, such a shame... tire wore-off system is a joke. new tire system is a joke too.. never used hard tires after 80 hours of playing...

sometimes when you get a puncture tire will instantly vanish and you will get only rim on the spot! where is the tire, what is with that?

and after getting a puncture tires will be gone in seconds! that's way too quick and harsh they should at least gone for another 2 kms!

and i couldn't even get the tires fall of, broke suspensions with realistic damage in this game.. even cmr dirt had that feature!

driving only with a rim physics are off the place.

codies are only downhill since dirt rally 1, i guess they loved that sweet FIA F1 money so they don't care about any other game or their customers anymore

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Whilst the current implementation of tyre wear leaves a lot to be desired, what this video didn't show was just how bad the grip was after doing this.


Video shows tyres don't blow with excessive wear, nothing more.

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Yup, your tires will be dead grip wise after doing that. 

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