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GRID Autosport cheaters !!!

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Codemaster, what you do with cheaters !?
Just now  was race on Jerez, formula B, i will not say nickname gamers (a while), but... i start first, one gamers second, second gamers fifth...
One that started fifth won race, with second me fight to finish, but this is not the crux of the problem, in both were damaged one wheel ! And one showed best lap on 2 sec...
If once again, the names will emerge here.

Not fixed game, delete cheaters !
(Xbox Live)

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It could be lag, yesterday I was racing on okutama starting in first place.  My start was delayed for some reason,  everyone drove off then I could move.  

I get into 2nd place,  I'm drafting 1st place over the line, and it gives me first place.  Even though I finished in 2nd.  

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As Codies obviously do not care about their costumers, I hope they go bankrupt pretty soon.

Racenet Overall Leaderboards and Challenges are full of cheaters, nobody cares, but hey, they got our money, that's all that obviously counts.

Will never buy a title from those a..holes again..
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Indeed, I also regularly see online players that drive at full speed and easily pass corners while having a blown-out tire. This is either a game bug (the player is seen as having a blown-out tire while he is actually not) or these players are just cheaters. I usually suspect the latter. ;-)

Another annoying cheaters' type is those constantly ghosting and teleporting from one place to a distant place in front. I always vote to kick them out since even if they are not cheaters and just have a very slow internet connection (though this seems unlikely), they are harmful for user experience of other players: sometimes you crash on such a ghoster, and then he immediately teleports forward.

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