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Improve Advanced Graphics settings screen

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Firstly: Dirt Rally 1 had an almost perfect Advanced Graphics dialogue 

Altering settings in Dirt Rally 2.0 is horrible because: 

1. The replay doesn't pause when opening settings, which makes it nearly impossible to optimize the settings for a specific situation: eg. while looking at Crowds, Trees, Forest, Specal lightning, Raining.,.. etc..

2. Advanced graphics dialogue doesn't explain ANY of the settings available

3. Advanced graphics dialogue has the background blurred, making it annoying to go back/forth to alter settings that you cannot see in effect.  

4. Advanced graphics dialogue fills the whole screen, instead it should be smaller and allow the game to be seen. 

5. Some settings rely on others to function, but the menu doesn't suggest to the user that things are connected: eg: Shader level High/Low and Bloom greately affects textures and lighting - both settings are required ON/High to make the rest function correctly. 


6. TAA needs an explanation and should be part of the AA filter-list instead of being an extra option

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Posted (edited)

D4 had this button everywhere. where'd it go?

apologies for my atrocious artistic skills


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