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Ps4 DLC not showing up in gameplay. Dirt 2.0

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Hey guys.

I have purchased a few different cars and tracks on the psn store and have confirmed the purchases. However in the actual game itself the dlc I have bought does not show up. Saying I still need to purchase them when Infact the store says I already have. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the software and also even removed all saved data but still comes up with the same issue. I'm lost for steps and would love a hand from anyone with a solution as I am currently out of pocket on this one 😭😭😭

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The problem is still exist on Career with Primary Ps4 systems.


I have all season pass contents installed. But in Career>Community Events when I select an event that needs Deluxe content it says "Missing Entitlements"

I can use Deluxe content (for example Sweden stage) in Free Play. But I can't access it in Career.


And also there is no Sweden or Monte Carlo stages generated in single player Career rally events. Only the 6 of 7 stages generated everytime.


I did Restoring Licenses and deactivated/reactivated the account. Please advise.

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