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Hello all, Codemasters newbie here!


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Hello everyone :classic_happy:




My name's PJ and I'm a new addition to the Codemasters team, as Social Media Manager for DiRT.

If you've been around the DiRT forums you might have seen me in the Gossip thread, chatting about the game or sharing videos, and it's going to be exciting to do that in an official capacity now for you all :classic_happy:


To give a little background on myself, I've been in the games industry for quite a while, having worked with Konami Europe for the past 6 years on the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game. While there I was responsible for all of the official website updates for the region, as well as social media content and the occasional livestream.

In my spare time I like to keep busy with creative projects themed around motorsport, and have had the opportunity to do some cool things in the past with Top Gear and Red Bull Racing. I'm also very active in a few motorsport-related Discord groups, talking F1 and Sportscar racing.

Games-wise I'm big into my racing games (my first proper experiences were F1 '97 and the original Gran Turismo), and tend to go for all the Achievements in any game I particularly like, including a whole bunch of recent DiRT and F1 titles. I'm also a bit of a Final Fantasy and Metal Gear Solid fan (part of my university thesis analysed Metal Gear Solid 2's meta-narrative), and am not averse to the occasional Street Fighter battle, as some at Codies are already aware :classic_wink:


I'm still getting up to speed on all things Codies, but I know it's going to be an exciting time and I look forward to keeping you all informed and excited about the world of DiRT in the future :classic_biggrin:


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Was surprised to hear Christina was leaving, but happy to see the job going to a community member!

Now. Once you get settled in and sorted... we need to a have a long chat about the iconic Vauxhall Nova and its lack of appearance in the DiRT franchise.... :classic_happy: 

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Hello PJ,

could you please tell us if DR2 will EVER have FFB at least as decent as DR1? Without the PR bs that lots of players enjoy it the way it is, because I sincerely hope that codemasters doesn't want to associate the Rally franchise with those who play with chase camera and they still think that the controller is better than the wheel. DIrt and Dirt Rally should stay separated. Or if it MUST address to the larger crowd by dumbing it down, could it have a realism scale? Like at 1 you're an edgy 14 y old that needs a NOS button in every game and at 10 you're Richard Burns back from the other world and the sim that bears your name is too easy and slightly unrealistic.

While i am still in love with DR1, i've spent only 3 hours in DR2 and each time ALT+F4 in frustration because never ever has a game felt as bad on my OSW.

Thank you kindly for your answer

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