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POLL: What do you miss most in F1 games?

POLL: What do you miss most in F1 games?  

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  1. 1. What do you miss most in F1 games? (Multiple Choice)

    • Red Flags
    • Splitscreen multiplayer
    • Manual pit-stops (pressing buttons to control the pit team)
    • Live commentary while racing
    • Wii Support
    • Refuelling for classic cars
    • Trial driving
    • Grid Setups
    • Broken rear wings
    • Something else (Comment below)

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On 6/7/2019 at 1:09 PM, punkian said:

My something else is the damage model from Grand Prix 3/4. I don't think I need to say anything else

There was so many great things about those games I miss. The weather effects, an actual drying line, track would stay wet off line for ages after the rain had stopped, but the racing line would be bone dry, risking over takes moving off dry line. 

The damage model, the countless number of failures you could get, ones that would effect the dashboard would be cool now, be racing totally blind. 

The crash physics that actually reflected real life, if you caught a car in a certain way it would flip and barrel roll, cars could bounce over each other’s wheels. 

The AI. they never acted as though they were on rails. They’d battle properly, make mistakes, spin by themselves...


So many things were incredible in that game 20odd years old, and in so many ways it feels though we have gone backwards from this. Imagine all that, in F1 2019. It would be an epic title. EPIC. 

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Classic tracks. Especially estoril and Jerez. Would love to see the old osterreichring, Rio, and pre chicane imola. 


I domt care if they're not laser scanned and not 100 percent accurate, just give it to me. 

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