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POLL: What do you miss most in F1 games?


POLL: What do you miss most in F1 games?  

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  1. 1. What do you miss most in F1 games? (Multiple Choice)

    • Red Flags
    • Splitscreen multiplayer
    • Manual pit-stops (pressing buttons to control the pit team)
    • Live commentary while racing
    • Wii Support
    • Refuelling for classic cars
    • Trial driving
    • Grid Setups
    • Broken rear wings
    • Something else (Comment below)

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I chose "something else", because in my opinion everything you listed is supposed to be in the game, except Wii support (Switch would be the right pick these days). 


Also, in the long run almost all of what has been posted on this forum for years since 2010 has to be considered to be put into the game, especially as a multitude of diverse and creative ideas to improve the overall game have been posted several times by many on this forum over and over again, sadly only a small amount of what the community wanted was included over time.


To cut to the chase, i expect the "Ultimate Formula Racing Game", nothing less.


Therefore my list of what is missing and my expectation towards CM is pretty damn high, but to be fair, there is no racing game or simulator out yet that does EVERYTHING right, and this is why it would be more than recommended to Codemasters to try to achieve that ambitious goal to take the crown of racing and make their competitors shiver in terror.


Probability of this actually happening = very low... (due to CM's trackrecord).


Anyways, in the short run i miss...


-a more realistic visual wet weather simulation (rainspray is too small and not dense enough)


-a helmet cam 


-improved look to apex feature (0° - 45°)




-a Virtual Mirror


-Helicorsa (Assetto Corsa)


-complete "Official HUD" + Codemasters version of the HUD, so that people can decide what they prefer to use


-the option to fully customize the opacity, location and size of the HUD


-MFD and all relevant and important info inside the ingame steering wheel for cockpit drivers (Break Ballast, Fuel Mix, Differentials etc.) + the option to fully cuszomize layout of the steering wheel MFD


-proper car simulation (at least as "realistic" as Project Cars or Assetto Corsa in terms of physics and handling)


-proper car setups (just as in Project Cars, Asseto Corsa, iRacing or RFactor etc.)


-nerfed assists (give us a challenge to become better drivers, at the moment people just play it casually, which makes E-Sports a bit ridiculous in contrast)


-new and improved animations for all cutscene scenarios + more, realistic and appropriate voice lines for the commentators, paddock, manager and engineers.


-full editor mode for the helmet design (as seen in MotoGP 19)


-the option to fully customize our character as in FIFA, The Sims, MotoGP 19 etc. (height, weight, face, hair, beard, makeup, piercings, tattoos, gloves, helmets, visors, kneepads etc.)


-a ingame shop where we can buy new character customization items etc.


-Classic Tracks


-a full F1 2009 - F1 2021 championship game with all these seasons in 1 single game (as in F1 Challenge 99 - 02 by EA)


-the inlusion of Formula 3 / Formula 4 / Karting etc., to create a new type of game called "Formula Racing" (this game should have a similar business model as iRacing to ensure that the game can be supported for a long period of time, which means, bye bye annual releases)


...and so on.


The list is basically endless as stated above already, just hope that CM will surprise us for the next console generation with some massive steps into the next level.





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Me personally, classic tracks. It’s all well and good having loads of classic cars but it all gets a bit stale and redundant if licensing prevents you from having extra cars and drivers from a classic era as well, plus it just looks odd seeing Senna and Prosts old cars racing on modern circuits.  I really think having classic circuits would go a long way to helping give the classic cars more of a unique place in the games. Plus they did it with F1 2013 so I’m sure it can be done. 

Out of your list though I’d probably go for red flags 🚩 we often see them on tv if there’s a bad crash during a practice session or qualifying and would definitely add an extra level of realism to the games 👍 

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I miss a proper replay system. One that lets me save a replay (as a replay file, not a video) after any race, online or offline, to load and watch again later. That lets me switch to any driver, lap, or incident, quickly and easily, and watch it from any available camera angle.

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- Pilot customization system, better
- More freedom of customization of the helmet (it can put designer, color of visors, fictitious sponsorships to have no problem of license)
- A camera option inside the helmet.
- Improved AI (More aggressive and also more likely to make mistakes, especially in the rain).
- New and better (bigger) cutscenes, mainly on the podium, and much more when you win a championship.
- Hud optional so we can choose between the current model of Codemasters and the model in which we can see the position of the 20 pilots on the track. (And also have the option to show the names abbreviated and not complete)
- Career mode more "relevant" with the game, especially the storytellers and the press, having a more realistic interaction with what is happening in the season.
- Out of racing in career mode, have something like an (news) feed of news or emails, twitter, where rumors of transfers could arise, and also come out news related to the season, would also be legal terms followers, as it is in the mode the day of FIFA 19.
- In the interviews more options of responses and bigger impacts depending on the response.
- Changing the contract system, leaving it more realistic, it would be cool to make it more geared towards the system that FIFA 19 uses, where you negotiate directly with the player, in this case pilot (ie I as a pilot) with the team, It would also be interesting if you could ask your agent to probe other teams and see the odds of you getting a contract, for example, you asked her to probe Ferrari, since you would be driving in Haas after a few weeks, or races, she came back with some information and with a percentage of transfer chance, the same could happen in the case of contract, you could ask her to go after another team and after some time she came with the positive or negative response, in the meantime, rumors of his exit from the current team in the feed I quoted above might emerge and the press also ask about it.
- Return of the option to simulate the race after it has started.
- Pre-season (giving you the chance to win some points before the season starts, this being optional for those who do not want to).
- Trophy room.
- Option to see the setup of your teammate's car.
- Place more appropriate interviews, especially when you win the race.
- More options to test in free practice, because after a while it gets very repetitive.
- Improve damage in the car, not only break the front wing and the wheels.
I think that's it ...

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I agree with the above post about F1 setups. No effort is involved is mostly about how much ballast you can put onto your car. One thing I miss a lot is the weather system from F1 2012 half track wet the other half dry before a rain shower it made it difficult to judge what tyres to go on before it started & the showers increased. Plus the drying line (the racing line) made it harder to stick to the limits of the track if you strayed away from it  

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Definitely classic tracks, Watkins Glen, Indy GP layout, Valencia, India, Korea, Classic Monza and Monaco, would be cool to have those included in the game with the classic cars both during career mode and championship seasons. Good example is Red Bull doing show runs at Zandvort. I think it would be cool to have invitation events at tracks near modern F1 races, ie an event at Watkins Glen after the Canadian Grand Prix. 

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I'll focus mainly on career mode:

- extra tracks with the ability to switch about 2 of them out before each career season

- the ability to manually change driver names after each season is complete (to circumvent the inability of driver transfers)

- in combination with this: manually setting driver skill slider (F1 2018 example: being able to set Verstappen's skill higher and/or tone Ricciardo's down) in order to get some sort of progression of drivers.

- expansion of the regulation changes beyond R&D: basically give the player the option to change GP format each 2 seasons or so (for instance sprint/feature races; reverse grid; changing qualifying format, other points system etc).

- remove interview cutscenes and just do them in main menu through a text system.

- addition of some generic livery bases which can be adjusted per team before each season to keep career mode looking 'fresh' (without changing sponsorship location on the cars or team colors)

- more varied practice programs


- true manual pitstops (not just pushing buttons as OP noted, but actually have control of the car throughout the pitlane). Same for start sequence.

- virtual mirror

- VR (won't happen)

- Fanatec Clubsport F1 SDK support by Sony/Microsoft

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Also, virtual mirror. This must be one of the most highly requested features now, it's really necessary with these car models. I dont get why this is still not a thing, there's even the big halo on top of the screen where it could fit in perfectly.

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On 6/3/2019 at 8:58 PM, SturmDesTodes said:


-proper car simulation (at least as "realistic" as Project Cars)

To be honest I think that F1 2018 handles better than Project CARS, which basically is an arcade game advertised as a simulator

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