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SHOCKING interview with Codemasters F1 2014

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Heads up guys.... this is meat to be comedy... CLEAN comedy.. Don't want anyone calling names like "codefailure" ans such or i will ask for this thread to be closed. I want to lighten the mood in this forum.

Keep it clean.

Ad be nice to others.
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if codemasters take offence to being called code breakers or code failures then thats their problem and it would prove they ( and the mods on this forum ) can't take a joke or a bit of banter, which is one of the reasons these forums are dead.

just because someone is offended by something, doesn't make them right or give them any rights.

Its not so much about who gets angry by it.... or offended, they can clearly take a harmless joke otherwise i am sure this thread would have been closed long ago.... I just want to remain within the forum rules. I don't want to cause an uproar.   B)

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