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Good Morning!

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Hey, I've been on here a few months but never made one of these.

I'm here for the Dirt franchise really.

Been playing racing games since NFS II back in like 1995ish. I've always liked racing games because I've always liked cars. My first word was "truck". NFS, Midnight Club, Assassin's Creed, GTA and Dirt would be my favourite game franchises, but Horizon Zero Dawn is currently my favourite game, though I still haven't played GTA 5 yet.

I am 31 years old. I grew up and currently live in Montreal (QC, Canada). I have also lived in Edinburgh, (Scotland), Loja (Ecuador) and Bariloche (Argentinian Patagonia).

I'm from the English-speaking minority withing Quebec, but I also speak French and Spanish fluently. 

I'm interested in Behavioural Ecology/Ethology, Ecology, History, Psychology, Religion, and how they all interact.

I like cycling, cross country/nordic skiiing, climbing, dancing and sleeping.

See you around. 


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