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Sup, from CT, USA.

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My name is Matt, and I'm from Connecticut, in the USA.  29 and have been simracing for the better part of my whole life.

I've recently procured DR2.0 and have gotten into it pretty high, and also own a few of the F1 titles.

I'm hot garbage in stage rally, as that's a discipline that requires one to be a scalpel, and I am a sledgehammer.

Rallycross is my jam though. 😉  Really would love to see a standalone RX game in general, but I know that's next to impossible as it's a niche of a niche.  Would be neat to see more GrpB, an addition of the GrpA Supercars, and a whole mess of the older tracks like Lyngas and such added!

Fitting with the sledgehammer theme, I occasionally race enduro races at my local short oval.

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