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[Pit Lane Glitch] F1 2018 [PS4] [Multiplayer]


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Hello Codemasters, John Blank101 here regarding a Pit Lane glitch that has been hindering this game for months if not since the start of the 2018 title. Why is it still affecting the outcome of our races, I have been a member at Contest Of Speed since 2018 was released, and have seen numerous races across all our tiers not only in our league but in other leagues be hindered with a pit lane glitch. Just this week for example we are running Hungary, Mondays race Tier 3 Force India victim of the glitch, Tier 2 on Tuesday Red Bull and Force India, tonight we have our Tier 1 race and I wouldn’t be surprised to see it happen again, it’s happened multiple times in the past across all teams we run a full season and I feel like we see it at least once every 5 races per tier, that’s close to 15 times per season all tiers combined. It’s unfair to keep a competitive environment and have the drivers put in the practice to stay competitive, and fight for the championship. 

Here is my link, I will get the other members from my league to provide there content as well.

https://youtu.be/UVpNjwvtsT0 Hungary Pit lane Glitch for 3plus minutes.

  • A short description of the problem: Glitched in pits on pit release car is stuck.
  • Platform you’re on (PS4, Xbox One, PC, Steam): PS4
  • Game Version (Shown on the Start screen in the bottom left hand corner): 
  • Game Mode, including if it was Single Player or Multiplayer (Time Trial, Career, Grand Prix, Custom Game etc): Multiplayer
  • If in Multiplayer, how many players and how many AI?: 20 Players
  • What happened in the lead up to the problem?: Pit Box is glitched Red Bull both cars Force India Both cars
  • If you get an error message, the exact wording of the error message you're receiving:
  • Any accessories you are using (wheel, pad, etc): Pad
  • If you have any videos or screenshots, please share them. If the video is long, please include a timestamp for when the issue appears:
  • https://youtu.be/UVpNjwvtsT0 Hungary Pit lane Glitch for 3plus minutes





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Tier 1 Wednesday night McLaren glitch in the pits, three tiers three different nights, all at Hungary tonight they were 14 in the lobby 2 cars got held in the pits and forced to retire. 

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