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I love WRX, and the tense racing. And Im look forward to new content.

But the other cars drive like tanks, making the races really unfair. I never thought about it to much until todays rx groub B challenge, when we only get one chance. And out of 4 races, I was fishtailed out of the racecourse 5times. Ending in 13place, and not qualifing.

In WRC races I never do reruns, case what happens on the track is all me. And I dont want to win all the races, case thats how it should be.

But when it comes to WRX, I use the retry button on these events. And as said, I havent thought to much about the behavior of the other cars.

But when I only get one try, I can see how unfair the AI is. So please try look into it CM m'kay?

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Yeah the AI are pretty stupid and i rage quit after the AI had fishtailed me for the 10th time. 

They drive like tanks and trying to fishtail them only result in failure. 


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