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Grid 2 - disabling HUD chromatic aberration


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I cannot find a way to disable "next-gen" HUD chromatic aberration effect (CA). I wear glasses and combined with native lens CA this effect turns HUD into blurry something and it strains my eyes after 30-40 minutes of playing. I wonder if someone found a way to tweak game to disable this postprocessing?

I skimmed through game files and managed to disabled CA for racers' names by commenting out remapper for ui_2d_uv_instanced_sep in fe_shadersetup.xml. As for the other HUD parts - no luck.

@ CodeMasters employees (if it happens that they will be reading this question).
It will be magnificent if CM will release a patch for grid 2 to at least disable CA for HUD. However if patch is not an option, may you release un/official short manual on what to modify in game config files to disable CA?

~ Thanks.
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