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Service parks, repairs, and staff- tell me if this idea is silly

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I have had an idea and I am wonder what others might think of it.

What if you could level up your crew to avoid making servicing mistakes?

Think of this: it could impact your rally and add a new element to the sim rally... a mechanic has an issue at the service stage- so you drop a few minutes and over run your allotted time, incurring penalties. 

You increase the likehood of a mistake, during service by your crew, by choosing so much to fix during that service that your allotted time was close to expiring anyway.

This new element could happen to anyone and any AI just to make it feel more dynamic and true to life, as well providing more positive rewards into levelling up your staff.

Make sense?

Let me know what you think, I would appreciate it.


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3 hours ago, Sammoo said:


Eu tive uma idéia e estou me perguntando o que os outros podem pensar sobre isso.

E se você pudesse melhorar sua equipe para evitar cometer erros de serviço?

Pense nisto: isso poderia impactar seu rally e adicionar um novo elemento ao simulador ... um mecânico tem um problema no estágio de serviço - então você deixa cair alguns minutos e gasta o tempo alocado, incorrendo em penalidades. 

Você aumenta a probabilidade de um erro, durante o serviço prestado por sua tripulação, escolhendo tanto para consertar durante o serviço que seu tempo previsto estava prestes a expirar de qualquer maneira.

Este novo elemento pode acontecer a qualquer um e qualquer AI apenas para fazer com que ele se sinta mais dinâmico e fiel à vida, além de proporcionar recompensas mais positivas ao nivelamento de sua equipe.

Faz sentido?

Deixe-me saber o que você pensa, eu agradeceria.



the idea is very good, but in my opinion it works but for a career mode in the single player, for the competitive think it does not work well!

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Yeah, good point.

I had not really considered the multiplayer aspect.


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When it comes to the service area I would rather prefer to improve tyre selection by adding such thing like 'fit recommended' to avoid clicking your buttoms few times just to choose the tyre like here.

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this feature was in Dirt 4.

chief engineer gave you an estimate of how long it'd take to repair each part, and this could be upgraded to make it more accurate.

one of the many great things from that game that mysteriously didn't make it into this one, along with the massive amount of weather conditions and times of day

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