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F1 2019 Xbox Racing League Sat 8pm/ Friday 8PM GMT (assists allowed)

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Starting a new league with the first race on the  Saturday 6th July for F1 (Will announce f2 league if we get enough drivers)

We are looking for all types of drivers from new - experienced from young - old, etc, all we ask is that while on the track you drive fair and clean.                                                                                                       

Each season is going to be 7 races long, however, the races are still in order, Season 1 is Australia to Canada Season 2 is France to Italy and Season 3 is Singapore to Abudabi, this allows for new drivers to be given a chance if they start halfway through the season, however, if the majority wish to not reset points after week 7 then it may be considered to keep to the normal 21 race season.

We have short qualifying and a 50% race.

Assists are as follows

Braking assist    Off

Race starts       Manual

Pit Assist           Off

Pit release         Off

ERS mode         Manual

However, the rest is personal preference eg:

Racing line, Anti-lock brakes, traction and gears.

Races will Saturday at 8 pm GMT for the f1 league but will allow up to 5minutes waiting time if someone has specifically requested that we wait as they are not yet in the lobby, (no longer than 5 minutes )

More information can be found at Xbox.racing.league on Instagram, please message us on Instagram if you wish to join.

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