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I play on the current version of F1 2018 on a PS4 Pro

I race on a championship that only allows drivers to choose one of the predefined setups. Last Friday we race on Mexico and I choose the setup number 4, that I tested before against AI. In my previous tests, I change BB from 63 to 57 (predefined value to a new one) when I was on track.

I did the same on my online game in the championship when I was on my second qualification attempt, and if I tell you this is because seems to be relevant. I'll explain to you later.

The championship is played with short qualification and 50% laps.

When the race starts I realized all the people overtake me very easy on the long straight at the start of the track. I didn't understand why and only a lot of time after I realized my race setup not was 4 anymore: it was 1!!!!

At the end of the race, one of my rivals told me that this was an issue when you change BB or another value during qualification. Then I remembered that my last qualification attempt I also was surprised when a driver overtakes me like a plane on the main straight. I check my recorded session on youtube and video shows I loose 20 km/h in that zone.

This is really annoying and I hope you can fix it, especially for F1 2019

Video (quali and race) https://youtu.be/1Xhjy43xfIY







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