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ALR F1 2019 | PS4 F1 League SIGN UP

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Welcome to ALR!

If you want to sign up for ALR join our discord: https://discord.gg/K8ZYm3S

This is a PS4 F1 2019 league. it's a semi-pro league with a wide variety of skill level, assist restrictions are: Medium TC or lower, No ABS, Corners only or off racing line, Manual ERS, Automatic or manual gearbox, corner cutting strict, and the weather is the weather that day in real life (if its the Canadian GP, we will use the actual weather of the date we race on) If you do want to see some footage of our league please click on the link provided! Times for League races will be 9:00am EST on Sundays! track list will be available on the discord! Lot's more information will be on the discord. With a very nice and eager community for clean, fair, racing. 

Join NOW!: https://discord.gg/uMjj7c4

  • Preseason testing starts on July 8th

 YouTube Link: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLk4PTd0jRuBVYL4iIutbP9eLthPgwBzdO 

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