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I'm searching for US Xbox One league.

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I'm searching for an a league. I live in the US and I use assists. I would like to get into league racing and improve myself by racing others. If you are part of a US league that allows assists or are creating one, please let me know.

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Hey man! Us at BRL Esports are just about too kick off Season 3 for when F1 2019 comes out! You're more than welcome to join if you want! We have two tiers , Split 1 which is no Assists. And Split 2 which is assists. Split 1 runs  Friday evenings at 11pm est, and split 2 runs Monday evenings at 8pm EST.  Feel free to send me a message on Facebook ( Donny L'hirondelle ) and I will get you all sorted up!  


Ill include a picture of my profile ao you can find it! 



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