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FTRL - PS4 League - F1 2019

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Hi all!

We are recruiting for our league for the upcoming F1 2019 game. 

We have been established since June 2017 on F1 and other games such as GT Sport. All races are live streamed on YouTube, you can check them out on the following link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCL4dnRRJkn4yvja3KASRUZA

Or search @_FTRL_ on Twitter.


We have just announced a new F3 division so we are recruiting for new drivers. Our format is:

F1 - Monday 8pm UK time (full) 

F2 - Tuesday 8pm UK time 

F3 - Wednesday 8pm UK time 

All races are 50% race distance with short qualifying over a 12 week calendar.

If you are interested in joining our fantastic community please get in touch on here or message FTRL__Aaron (double underscore) or FTRL_BlueFlag on PSN. 

Our new season will be starting 2-3 weeks after F1 2019 is released but we will release the start dates closer to the time.Screenshot_20190323-233125_WhatsApp.thumb.jpg.ef0ba7a17d46ebbacb84c90fea578fb2.jpg

Thank you! 

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