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F1 ® 2019 – Your Frequently Asked Questions


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18 hours ago, moogleslam said:

Here are some real Frequently Asked Questions which are not yet answered:

  • Are Track limits fixed/properly defined?
  • Is there VR support?
  • Is there a Force Cockpit option for online races?
  • Is there the ability to practice in single player with Equal cars?
  • Is there a Virtual Mirror?

While I don't proclaim to have any inside information I can absolutely guarantee VR support is not available. There would be no reason for Codies to withhold this information until this close to release as it would be a huge selling point.

Since console is such an important parts of sales for the F1 series, until we have a powerful enough console/VR combination available, I'm fairly positive VR won't be a thing.

I do wish they'd add that virtual mirror though.

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Hi all,

These questions were gathered from a number of different sources, including our social media and more. I get that they haven’t answered all your questions though, so I have grabbed a few members of the team to get you answers for a few of the other questions you have asked. You can find these answers below. Thanks all,

Can we skip the F2 portion of Career Mode?

The F2 Feeder Series includes a number of different scenarios, each of which can have different outcomes in terms of your interactions with new drivers Devon Butler and Lukas Weber. These outcomes continue to be referenced throughout your FORMULA 1 career - they inform the commentary, the types of questions/answers you’ll see Devon and Lukas encounter in their own press interactions (which you can follow via transcripts delivered to you by your agent). Players are able to skip the Feeder Series if they so choose, and this will also remove Devon and Lukas from the FORMULA 1 roster – but this will obviously also remove any sense of the narrative threaded throughout the F1® 2019 Career.

Customising the HUD on Consoles

The HUD customisation feature was added to help mitigate some of the issues more commonly found on PC with multi-monitor setups. But it has been designed in such a way that it can be brought to consoles in the future, and we’ll use the response/feedback from the playerbase when the game launches at the end of this month when determining how best to focus future development.

Items like forced camera, proximity arrows off, cockpit only leagues

Force cockpit and force proximity arrows off are not settings included in F1® 2019. With the inclusion of the new Leagues system in ’19, the possibility now exists for more consistent competitive spaces in multiplayer, and we’ll be following player feedback carefully in this area when deciding how best to expand the options here in the future.

Such options are unlikely to appear in Ranked, however, where implementing such options would fragment the playerbase and make it harder to reliably find games with appropriate players. For that reason Ranked will continue to use fixed settings.

Pitstop Lollipop Lights Not being visable

We’ve now added extra pitstop lights to the steering wheel for those of you who prefer to play in cockpit view, so they will always be visible. 

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Sorry for tagging you, but the latest news on the Codies blog say this "We'll also be bringing F2 content into multiplayer  post launch-too". Does this mean we won't have the chance to use the 2018 F2 car in multiplayer at launch? This is a bad news for leagues. Or it refers to the 2019 F2 car only?

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On 6/12/2019 at 11:52 AM, Formulaoneteam said:

Bonjour a tous, plusieurs chose! Esque ce poste est tune blague??

J'ai vue plusieurs vidéos dernièrement, la personnalisation parlons s'en a vous écoutée sa a l'air folklorique mais en au finale c'est juste une blague ou un manque de respect en vert la communauté!?? Prenez exemple sur moto gp19 c'est une belle leçon pour vous!

- le mode carrière parlons s'en on en c'est pas grand chose, dois je annuler ma précommandes? Votre silence m'inquiète.

- édition légende? C'est un copier collé de ce que l'on a depuit quelques années? Encore une fois c'est un gros manque de respect envers la communauté sachant que le développement dur depuit deux ans!

- le safety car, le safety car 🤭 avec tout ce que l'on voit je pense sincèrement que sa sera un gros copier collé des années précédentes!

Rien ne change en 2019 vous aviez mie 2 ans pour inclure un f1!

La physique de crash c'est toujours aussi moche, les casse aléatoire on peut toujours en rêver enfin breff, il a temps à dire encore!

La qualité de ton français me décourage. Vite retourne à l'école...

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Thanks for your answer. Please bring HUD customization to consoles via an early patch and please allow us to choose the number of drivers we want to be displayed in the positions tower along with the option to only display the 3 main letters of each driver instead of their full names 🙂

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I would really love to hear a good reason to why VR hasn't been mentioned yet or isn't in. I want to know why you didn't include it as Dirt Rally 2.0 has it. I think a lot of People on PC would Buy F1 with VR. Its such a cool experience racing against AI in VR. I will be still Playing the game because I love the Sport but the only way I can enjoy F1 cars the best way possible is via other games and not with the Official game. Adding VR would rise the emersion factor really high. I even think it could be one of the best VR games yet. Especially having VR with the new showroom mode

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Is the Safety Car/VSC finally working? It was a whole mess in 2018, especially online. Came out in a full season about 21 races only twice although there were crashes in nearly every race.

Before F2 and stuff you guys should focus on this things...

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I have watched some early gameplay of F1 2019 and I got to say, the sounds and the revving and the gearing are horrible. The sounds are definitely not good.


So please, for our sake can anyone or at least Codemasters themselves fix the sounds? Make them like the real life ones?


Like data transfer or sound transfer I don't know. But please fix the sounds on pre - release or on an update at least.




P.S Tyres look a bit unrealistic too

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o please, for our sake can anyone or at least Codemasters themselves fix the sounds? Make them like the real life ones?

I am pretty sure they will reprogram the whole game one week before release, good that you brought up that point.

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Well, we've had some small degree of progress:

Is there a Force Cockpit option for online races? NO

Not Answered
Are Track limits fixed/properly defined? 
Is there VR support? 
Is there the ability to practice in single player with Equal cars?
Is there a Virtual Mirror?


To those of you saying VR Support won't be included, well, at this point in time, I'd have to say that's almost certain, for release at least.  However, VR Support is included in DiRT Rally, and it's being added to DiRT Rally 2.0, so it's not like Codemasters are ignoring VR all together.  


At this point in time, I will not be buying due to the lack of these features, or lack of response, but I will continue to keep an eye on news surrounding the game.  Not holding out hope for F1 2019 though, but maybe 2020.

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@Faya Why no official brand new broadcast HUD like the game concepts here in the forum and new cut scenes (don't answer with "we have a new podium scene and track intros")?. Most of the cut scenes are known since F1 2015! And thats a big joke! Where are the broadcast graphics what you have talking about on your preview event in Hamburg? Where are the official starting grid intro and results? Where is the cool new TV-feature "Halo Speedometer" HUD? Sorry but it's time to add all the official graphics to get the feeling: "Yes, I'm playing a new F1 title and not just an update from the previous games". I'm playing F1 since years and we got nothing new in this area. Same boring cut scenes and graphics, just added with the official font but the system behind the HUD is the same boring thing. 

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