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Can I get a set-up for the Renault 5 Turbo please?

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Any kind of set-up please to just make it driveable. Because it's just  undriveable like this. Braking, accelerating, turning, doesn't matter, the rear end does nothing but CONSTANTLY overtake the front end.

I know it's practically rear engined but this is quite ridiculous.

Dirt Rally 2 btw. Playing on the One X with controller.

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To reduce oversteer in general you want more grip in the rear and less in the front:

  • Increase toe-in
  • Raise front ride height
  • Lower rear ride height
  • Stiffen front springs
  • Soften rear springs
  • Soften rear roll bar
  • etc…

You'll have to experiment.

The most important thing is throttle control. Need to take it easy mid-corner while gradually increasing it as you exit. Don't floor it until the car straightens out more.

I use a controller as well and my biggest issue is the trigger deadzone at the pressed end. 100% throttle for me is around 80% trigger pull. It makes throttle control way harder than it would be otherwise. I have throttle deadzone set to 0 in the game, so I believe it's a controller issue and I'm wondering if the elite has the same problem or not.

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I'm not great with it, but lowering the drive diffs help a lot. 12% front drive diff with a little higher brake and 25% rear drive diff or so.

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