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ApexOnlineRacing Rally League

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ApexOnlineRacing (AOR) is a well established league throughout the Sim Racing community. AOR is widely known as and referred to as the pinnacle of Esports leagues and racing. We try our very best to provide consistent and professional league racing experiences on various games and because of this our leagues attract more top level racers than most other leagues.

After the latest 1.5 update to DiRT Rally 2.0, AOR is glad to announce its first Rally Championship on DiRT Rally 2.0. We hope to see the very best rally drivers face off against each other to determine the literal best of the best, you might have heard of some of them:

  • Oscaro Joona P
  • Williams BillyCherokee
  • Oscaro Quinto

This first Rally Championship will feature 10 locations, including DLC locations such as Monte Carlo, Sweden, Germany and Wales, each featuring 10 stages varying in length, complexity and conditions (more about this here).

Each round will be open for 7 days, from Monday to Sunday, so everyone who signs up has more than enough time to complete the stages we've selected for them in the designated club.

Now what has put AOR apart from other Rally Leagues has been its Tier System, in which all participants are divided between Pro Tier and Rookie Tier, with Pro Tier only being available after finishing in the top 3 of the Rookie Tier Championship. There's only two differences between the Rookie Tier and the Pro Tier, those being:

  • Vehicles Used
    • Pro Tier - R5
    • Rookie Tier - R2
  • Assists Allowed
    • Pro Tier - None
    • Rookie Tier - Some (more about this here)

The past championships on DiRT 4 have shown an incredible amount of competition in both the Rookie Tier and the Pro Tier, more often the Rookie Tier is more exciting to look at that the Pro Tier, because of the fact that everyone's gunning for the right to compete against the best of the best in the Pro Tier.

If all this hasn't persuaded you to sign up, I urge you to take a look and read through all the information on this thread. If it did, be sure to sign-up to our league here.

Who knows, you might have a future AOR Rally Champion in you.

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