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DiRT Rally 2.0 - Share your Screenshots!


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  • Social Media & Community Team



Hello everyone!

Over the past few weeks you may have seen some community photos crop up on our social media pages. It’s great to see the world of DiRT through the eyes of the community and there’s some amazing action shots out there.

We’d like to share even more of these moments with everyone and this is where we’d like you to get involved!


In this thread share your favourite pics and screenshots from DiRT Rally 2.0; we’ll check in every so often and grab a few to post online 😊


Some guidelines:

  • When viewing a Replay, it would be ideal if you turn off the watermarks and graphics that are usually on-screen.
  • Let us know what platform you took the screenshot on.
  • Unedited pics only!
    We want to show off the great visuals of DiRT Rally 2.0, not your skills with Adobe Lightroom 😉
    By all means share edited pics in here too if you like, but please clearly state they were modified.
  •  Image resolution of 1920x1080 or greater would be ideal but the forum's max width of 1200px is also acceptable.


Steam notes:

  • Default/standard liveries only please.
    Livery mods are great but unofficial and unlicensed.
    Again, drop your pics in here regardless if you want to share, but clearly state if they’re using modded assets.
  • We’re aware that various camera mods exist that people use with the Steam version.
    Images using those are fine however we don’t officially recommend the use of third-party mods, so add them at your own risk.


Xbox notes:

  • When you take a screenshot using Xbox’s Game DVR function and upload it to Xbox Live, sites using the Xbox API (including Xbox.com) can grab that image and display it on a web browser. GameDVR is an example. Grab your image from one of these sites and upload it here.


PlayStation notes:

  • PS4 users can directly export their images from their console via USB, which makes uploading to the forums a whole lot easier.


Now show us what you got 😉




PS: While we’re talking about photos let’s address the M8-sized elephant in the room, Photo Mode.

We’re aware that this is a highly-requested feature amongst the community, and it would certainly be great to have it in DiRT Rally 2.0.

As it stands Photo Mode is something the team have discussed however it is not the highest item on our priority list right now.

We’re not ruling it out entirely, but unlike some of the cool things we do have lined up (which you'll hear about in due course) it is not “just around the corner”.


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Some really stunning shots possible in the game, so nice to have a place to gather them - Discord screenshot channel has so many good ones, so hopefully will see some of the ones being shared on other platforms.


Thanks for the update on photo mode too - really appreciate the clarity and looking forward to seeing what else is on the list! That's the sort of comms I feel we've been missing 👍

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Hello everyone. It is really nice to have got an opportunity to share with photos of 'DiRT Rally 2.0' as I took some by myself. You could see some of them in my post ''What I love the most in 'DiRT Rally 2.0' ''. Some of them because later on I took more photos. These screenshots was taken on PC. They are NOT edited. The resolution is 1920x1080 and cars have got ONLY standard liveries (even these ones from basic content!!!). While taking photos I used ONLY replay cameras. Enjoy.954502011_DiRTRally2.0screenshot.thumb.png.5116866cd223481daee03092f3148156.png1830678153_DiRTRally2.0screenshot2.thumb.png.42f0886d2ab9683c8c088e66550a2f91.png1425998423_DiRTRally2.0screenshot3.thumb.png.d77fa89dda0f5455fb7ee37fff4234a2.png69257602_DiRTRally2.0screenshot4.thumb.png.5a51a509adffdd6f90b0bccd6a404fe1.png391663847_DiRTRally2.0screenshot5.thumb.png.9aac143865a67332d783444dc11df502.png1165529001_DiRTRally2.0screenshot6.thumb.png.c766e7a55eeb2602482833a87369d57a.png1234304278_DiRTRally2.0screenshot7.thumb.jpg.2b66c4eca7f07036b4a1ef6c4032cf18.jpg529275477_DiRTRally2.0screenshot8.thumb.jpg.6fda75720a80589d872c8952e9803949.jpg

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Absolutely loving Dirt Rally 2.0.  The folks at Codemasters have done an amazing job.  The way DR2.0 has been supported is great.  Looking forward to the next batch of updates!


Platform = PC

Here's some of my best:












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  • Social Media & Community Team

Going to prep some of these for sharing in the next week or so, thanks everyone 🙂

If anyone has pics they want to share of Latvia RX once it's out, or the Group B Rallycross cars, post them here 🙂 

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Here some more screenshots (PS4 Pro)

What a sound this BMW M1 procar has.


Screenshot from the new Latvia RX track in the semi-final. I have no idea what Solberg and Ekstrom did in the qualifying heats, as it seems they rolled their car or something.
I love this Nitiss livery, although it is even not on the correct Fiesta spec model.


Can we please get more RX liveries?


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After spending endless hours on driving with R5, NR4/4R, 2000cc and Group A class cars, I have only now discovered the enormous joy of driving with the history class cars. (PC)

Dirt Rally 2 Screenshot 2019.06.26 -

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