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DiRT Rally 2.0 - Share your Screenshots!

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Cinematic shot at the end of Fury Lake Depart, 1st time ever seeing this helicoper after the bridge and hairpin


taken on PS4


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Did some events again. (PS4 Pro - no editing, no custome liveries. Pure DR2.0)

Fiesta R5 in Argentina


Impreza S14 at Sweden


Audi S1 RX at Holjës


Possible my favorite shots.





And than also bringing out the S1 at the Estering



Almost can't make it closer to the tyrewall (crappy shot, I hope CM makes it possible to zoom in and out again with R2 and L2)


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PC - Edited (colour + contrast)


SRD - Sim's Racing Design proudly presents the JWR Belgium VW Polo GTI R5. 

First seen on the stages of the first round of the WRCGamersClub Team Challenge at Monte Carlo.

The team is loving it as do the spectators!


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PC - Edited (colour/contrast)

Finished the German round in the Dirt Official club. Man was that a close fight! I was 0.2 seconds behind second place on the penultimate stage but made a few minor errors on the final one. Great result and some exhillerating rallying! (Even though I'm not a huge fan of the NR4 cars.) 


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This car going through the corners is looking so AESTHETIC | PC


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Polo R5 in Germany. This first one is maybe one of my favorite shots. 




Citroen C4 at a daily in Monte Carlo



From last weeks weekly AI event


And a Daily from last week on Australia


And I think this was in the weekend, with the Polo S1600 in the top 10 in two dailies


And an AI daily today at NZ. Beautiful scenary, even if its raining



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