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M2 Competition full gass


Ibiza month event. Thanks Codemasters, beautiful event. 


Panizzi Mode on. 306 best kit car


My prefetite car at the game Colin my Idol.


Rx mode on nice car 


208 In The fantastic Montecarlo. 


The night flight. 


Love this car Adam r2 Fantastic sound and drive 😉


Walter mode on. 🙋


206 in the rock mountain. 


Leggend car and the leggend location


Nice Fiesta rx2 nice driving.


Dirt fisch. 🎮😅


555 live at Monaco 🙂


205 Germany attack


M3 full brake limit 



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Round 6 of the Official DiRT club - Finland

Not my best event, possible because of my lack of experience and i think a wheel is much more usefull on these fast stages. Although I finished, i still dropped a few places in the standings.

image.thumb.jpeg.47cbbf583cc88f4b71b75724c032317c.jpeg image.thumb.jpeg.29c710248f92f401c2bdce8ae27e5459.jpeg image.thumb.jpeg.b795765c31d897a1d7b2d698771aefbb.jpeg image.thumb.jpeg.71413eab2a6ad2df00d297eb28078ae0.jpeg image.thumb.jpeg.a11d55bacfd170f02334d0a4761a36b3.jpeg 

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Round 7 of the Official DiRT Club - New Zealand

My first time with the Citroën C5 R5, suprisingly a good car to drive. maybe it is also because of stages, but it seems balanced and wants to rotate. My first round of stages were pretty bad and needed to change a pucture. If I would have been better in the first three stages, I might have finished in the top 50. I think I even got a possible fastest split in one of the later stages.


image.thumb.jpeg.17720e2703f7a29f5cef15fc0725547d.jpeg image.thumb.jpeg.7a5e1a8e40ee26b86824d2cf4f7581a4.jpeg image.thumb.jpeg.2267425c6aaf9e52fe2889212d841738.jpeg image.thumb.jpeg.186d8761e037c11c45d1021f83ba60b5.jpeg image.thumb.jpeg.1fc4f0d9e8a712c69706696616188e2d.jpeg image.thumb.jpeg.346e18e4415fd2d678e5fcd5f5e6add5.jpeg image.thumb.jpeg.8664e2fc8ee31ad5ebf00a37b05831a8.jpeg image.thumb.jpeg.f438f1fd82fad098ea13a8f590d7b2d9.jpeg image.thumb.jpeg.2fd8dd595f7d5bdbf1205217fb315e83.jpeg image.thumb.jpeg.24331ec3a5a4514945246ac619cbc778.jpeg image.thumb.jpeg.f9d2c0572f1e51fc685985033c5845ed.jpeg image.thumb.jpeg.c33569fe6adee2fe673221d4d4e1da2a.jpeg image.thumb.jpeg.bdd6f8a63c3ad7c28419bd6b02fbfbbd.jpeg image.thumb.jpeg.c9f7fa0855aaaf4d420427d86bc5d656.jpeg image.thumb.jpeg.ff1fcdf7b6c9ccb024269ffbcdafffb7.jpeg image.thumb.jpeg.e5a41d0e9fdc73d9a06a2b47cd5ee507.jpeg image.thumb.jpeg.c8cd8c5b5eaba6ff3ff4e59aa64db717.jpeg 


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I think these new cars and liveries are the best.

Platform: PC Steam

From the R2 Italian Championship and daily challenges





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40 years ago, Walter Röhrl won his first Monte Carlo with the 131, keeping his promise to give everyone over 10 minutes. (!) 


Rosemeyer78, PS4

DiRT Rally 2_0_20200129192932.jpg

DiRT Rally 2_0_20200129193534.jpg

DiRT Rally 2_0_20200129193458.jpg

DiRT Rally 2_0_20200129193247.jpg

DiRT Rally 2_0_20200129193853.jpg

DiRT Rally 2_0_20200129193513.jpg

DiRT Rally 2_0_20200129193121.jpg

DiRT Rally 2_0_20200129193817.jpg

DiRT Rally 2_0_20200129192957.jpg

DiRT Rally 2_0_20200129193706.jpg

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Doing the Oliver Solberg livery challenge with the Petter Solberg VW Polo.

image.thumb.jpeg.5aab67ccd789da28e93177fb1969bc78.jpeg image.thumb.jpeg.19ccf8ac4e63e30db1c6f9f61202f967.jpeg image.thumb.jpeg.73c57bd9dce49410918de75610ef2eaf.jpeg image.thumb.jpeg.99fdb8bd450c2bf2f6f7be554dcc6ed8.jpeg image.thumb.jpeg.9e08307fbc584094c868327482a5938f.jpeg image.thumb.jpeg.c0632f88bac5d8b9145abf61446faac8.jpeg image.thumb.jpeg.29e52895863594495a5725ebe778afa6.jpeg image.thumb.jpeg.92398daa9e5016d18f47dad72a2f3d9c.jpeg image.thumb.jpeg.2bbf1437cd2d50679bbf0c90cd1eed4a.jpeg image.thumb.jpeg.587014669f678ff9b0a690b6440121fe.jpeg image.thumb.jpeg.3db91e6e7c2f5aba617bac93bb13603a.jpeg image.thumb.jpeg.4ac4cde80c2079e509687212ca2cad21.jpeg image.thumb.jpeg.91ccc927dc8c808ae5af9cea742ed3a3.jpeg

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Official DiRT Club round 8 in Poland.

Poland, and Finland, are maybe not my most favorite rally because of the higher speeds in combination with a controller (PS4). But nevertheless I finished again.

What better to do the rally with the new season livery on the Fabia 🙂

image.thumb.jpeg.6fe0d4e8d857ad479b0864e9a84eccd1.jpeg image.thumb.jpeg.6d87d600d7b4405ad551127089f72cc0.jpeg image.thumb.jpeg.6e98cdb335cf3fa37f7421f5389d2ff4.jpeg image.thumb.jpeg.ee519bb62425f20b7fe95b3404e9074c.jpeg image.thumb.jpeg.ea1e1aa21fc8df73cc0213809a89b8bd.jpeg image.thumb.jpeg.eb971ccd5c9fbc2711952018fe62b54f.jpeg image.thumb.jpeg.e376e739d5e5d81864215d972fe08960.jpeg image.thumb.jpeg.b7f46949e267e7866339f283dfd6c9e3.jpeg image.thumb.jpeg.9ba1e8550df090ee65d65b09ce1d97cf.jpeg image.thumb.jpeg.9c4eefcbf373cc3a4c1282eccf142c07.jpeg image.thumb.jpeg.dd058521b167789695dc55aaa00858dd.jpeg image.thumb.jpeg.74f970d13476a80ef4661aa906b8bbe1.jpeg image.thumb.jpeg.f464ecbc81c6905cef08fa92f367c8cf.jpeg image.thumb.jpeg.3fcc973fb72c88eea63b8bd54603625f.jpeg


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