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I've decided I quite like the old Legacy RS..  Quick, responsive, works in all conditions and on all surfaces, and VERY forgiving of noob hamhandedness.  But those headlights.... 😄 


01 Cruising Last Stage.jpg

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More pictures of the greatest rally car ever made.









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I believe everything my codriver says even when I misunderstand, don't understand, or just didn't listen because I was dealing with the cascading consequences of a previous misunderstanding.  I'm crazy that way.  So when this happens, it's all his fault, obviously 😄.  To get back at him, I tell him some line of BS.  And because we're obligate symbiotes, he believes everything I say, even when it's total BS.  He's stupid that way 😄 

Right-Hand Citroen.jpg

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2 hours ago, HoksuHoo said:

Scottish forest and blue sky


I have noticed that it's somewhat difficult to keep the shiny side up in scotland. :classic_laugh: Too bad I don't have any screenshots of my mishaps.

Only this.


This masterpiece is called; sisämutkan sekunti.


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Still P6 of the "Only controller" overall standing of the first round of the Official Dirt Club.

EVmLRf7XQAU5pMz.thumb.jpeg.43b61a31810f62469faa4905f4bd3120.jpeg EVmLEsIWAAA9D0e.thumb.jpeg.ee733497695a850da7da00c5952aa30e.jpeg


To infinity, and beyond! 


PS4 Slim


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