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DiRT Rally 2.0 - Share your Screenshots!

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Saw that @PJTierney posted a screen from me and that some more console shots are being posted now. Thanks 🙂 

Some shots from me (PS4 Pro) from last week.

image.thumb.jpeg.1ea5e972d6c678e07eaff0a21efb6cf8.jpeg image.thumb.jpeg.bc8f6c075773723748476d7725bc9811.jpeg image.thumb.jpeg.4bf9504e20005dfad66ec8d884a61b69.jpeg

image.thumb.jpeg.3c5abd0b9350753d7f1bf120f60f3533.jpeg image.thumb.jpeg.0b05fcc926806f5b95c0f658f92baa86.jpeg 

image.thumb.jpeg.94786c9ed77e9736118db30e843a3495.jpeg image.thumb.jpeg.54090afdba8a9df43d1e8eedf594446d.jpeg 

image.thumb.jpeg.1e65fb305a21f0581019f5a0307df129.jpeg image.thumb.jpeg.a0093da6af7b176a95d3373ef0ed0de2.jpeg image.thumb.jpeg.3129d4bb547ed4a5755f88113bf88872.jpeg

image.thumb.jpeg.24b6afa9aece79969a38136a79abb16b.jpeg image.thumb.jpeg.748785a511855796ebbdd735c20d3379.jpeg image.thumb.jpeg.2502ec011e3bade6cb53f5e6aa2ef0a8.jpeg


image.thumb.jpeg.ffdb8bf6ff0297cc0792e01e61a484b1.jpeg image.thumb.jpeg.b4b053f83c7aadd690bd21f86e1f8337.jpeg

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Long time Dirt fanatic.

My first 2.0 screenshot share here:


Ugly-charismatic Skoda flying!

Platform: PC

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