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[PC] Strange start-up sequence F1 2018


When booting up my game today, I came across something I never experienced on games before, so I'm trying to figure out what went wrong and hopefully I didn't get hacked as it sure feels like it afterwards.

When right-clicking my Steam-icon on the taskbar of Windows, I booted F1 2018 as it is one of the last games I started on Steam. It took a long while it seemed, but it gave me an error-message (with an informational blue icon), telling me the server didn't respond. I had two options. One closed the error message and nothing happened, the other was labelled "next" and it opened a webpage. I studied the webpage afterwards and it came from the domain https://support.codefusion.technology/

The webpage instructed me to copy a code, which was shown on that page, and paste it into the window which showed me the error message. I looked in my taskbar and it indeed was still there. I pasted the code in there and pressed "next" and the game booted up just fine. After this the game functions normal and the error doesn't re-appear when I try to start the game again.

The fishy part of this, is that I never saw such sequence of legit-bought non-modded game and it lead me to a webpage which looks to be coming from Codies, but the domain isn't. Could someone explain me what happened and if I got hacked or anything?

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