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What is the next GRID-Game you want?

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Overall I enjoyed all three recent Grid-Games. It took my a while to get warm with Autosport, but in the end I really enjoyed it so far and still enjoy it. In the end I fear it will split the community, because we have three very different games.

Well, in the end I wonder what do you hope for the next entry in the series will be? I like the idea having both, Grid 3 for Arcade and Grid Autosport 2 for simulation being released one after another.

 Kinda like to hear what specific feature, tracks or cars you hope to see. Personally I hope next for a Grid 3 that is a sequel to the first Grid:
- a game that playes very similar to Grid 1
- with Spa, Nordschleife, Adelaide, Surfers Paradise, Monte Carlo, Donington Park, Silver Stone, Loch Rannoch, a larger San Francisco and new cties, and a fast Desert-Track
- Online, Splitscreen and LAN with: Multiplayer-Coop-Career, Multiplayer-Coop-Cups, all of course with AI, and yes of course playing against each other an other players, too
- Car Livery Editor like in Grid 2
- Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Subaru, Nissan, Ford GT, McLarren F1 GTR/LM, Aston Martin
- Career with Team-Magaement similar to Grid 1, it would be very cool, if you can optionally invite a friend to your Career-Mode, replacing the AI !!!
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This is still here?

GRID:  The Legend.  Simply a remake of GRID with a few more tracks and a few more cars (more "Club GT" cars); and all the cars and tracks of the original game.  Doesn't need to be flashy.  And don't sneak in any tuning.  Keep "It's all about the race."  And you should probably really truly especially not forget cockpit cam and Derby.  And though I'm not a multiplayer, multiplayer probably should be fixed - and a way for the community to support servers when the company has to cease support.

Touring Cars is cool, but Club racing is for heros.

95%er here.
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A simulation would be the ultimate dream; but I do not.
By cons since Dirt Rally is finished it is the total silence of Southam studio? Why he does not communicate?
He oh Codemasters fans are impatient and want you to do a little communication.

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I like GAS but Grid 1 will always be the daddy imo.
After Grid 1 drift became a farce and slowly whittled away till only 5 tracks of which only 4 were any good,
Assists off was practically no different to assists on (Grid 1 became much more simlike with them off).

I'd love to see a return to this style for drifting
Bring back Yokohama docks freestyle (NOT the dirt PAPdown version!)
No exclusive DLC's like when PC owners got nothing in Grid 1 yet consoles both got DLC's PC had to wait till Mac version was launched with the DLC's and someone created a patch for PC

More tracks, more cars, Co-op career mode like Grid 1's SP i,e, build a team and have seasons (I did 28 SP seasons in Grid 1, G2 career took a week to complete, and GAS I never bothered to finish career thanks to lack of incentives,  plenty others you can add to that list.

A game that doesn't repeatedly corrupt saves, minus the upgrades and tuning, G1's biggest attraction was the even playing field it was talent and skill instead of tuning in races that way (Ebay cars aside).

Most of all it should be supported and patched better than GAS was e.g. upgrades STILL do nothing to car performance no matter WHAT the stats claim. We were promised a fix was coming but Noooooo. All of a sudden all further support/patches/fixes were abandoned......
It wasn't the first time either, Grid 1 PC servers killed without ANY warning despite there being 30-40 sessions almost all day every day.  
F1 online the game anyone? closed beta, open beta, sold us in game items promised us continued support. We discovered and proved proof of a "low fuel bug" in time attack and rather than fix it it was binned on PC with almost no warning (2 weeks notice I think). This despite many having in game credit and unused items we got naff all compensation for. We then see the base game sold on iOS as F1 challenge! (I think that was the name)..

So you see even IF CM did what any group above requests I have no faith in them to finish what they start, after all F1 2016 looks like it has the same low polygon count for the cars as GAS had in 2014! no advancement just more of the same with a bit more gloss and DOF effects that just highlight the lack of progression....

After all they're going up against this now...... Believe me though this vid doesn't do Apex any real justice 60 fps recording when the games running @ 150+ on max settings....

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Most of all it should be supported and patched better than GAS was e.g. upgrades STILL do nothing to car performance no matter WHAT the stats claim. We were promised a fix was coming but Noooooo. 

Are you sure upgrades do nothing to any cars?. Ive started again online with all stock loan cars and there definately seem to be some cars that are just faster than mine which I cant catch even with a good tow so I have to settle back and take a position.
It is more the touring class that I can see as the other standard cars are very good at holding a position.
Do you need upgrades for the tuning unlocks to work? or do the unlocks enable tuning?.
I am only using loan cars. 

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Yup it was the last post from Loore on these forums, he was forced to advise us the the upgrade fix was no longer coming and all further support and patches for GAS would be cancelled and that he was leaving CM (last I heard he was with EA working on NFS).

Test it for yourself though take any car to level 50 no upgrades etc, run 5-10 laps indy oval
THEN upgrade the car (No tuning). your times will be near identical, only tuning does anything at all in GAS.
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