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Which controller do you use to play GRID?

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I have a turbo pad,  It increases the boost psi, on any turbo car I drive. Also adds 20mph onto the top speed and gives me traction control.  


Seriously though, I have a slightly different xbox 360 controller that most peoples......Aswell as the standard buttons, mine has a trigger button on the LEFT,   and there is a yellow "Y" button.  

I believe alot of peoples controllers come with blanks where the left trigger and Y buttons would be........weird
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Started out using a wheel in Grid 1 ( only after I wore through the steel pins holding the analogue sticks in place on a generic copy of a PS3 pad and then an Xbox pad which ended up with a gritty feel after 1000's of hours), never looked back after I tried a pad with Dirt 3 and was horrified at the lack of control in any slide...
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i first used a g27 wheel for dirt 3 and havent looked back, i love the feeling of a wheel, i dont know if it improves my racing any but it does improve my enjoyment. im a console player too, ive always wanted to jump onto pc gaming but i never get around to it. perhaps one day ill make the jump.
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That's ... crazy. o_o

Ontopic: I play mostly with an xbox 360 pad, because y'know ... consoles. But, on PC from time-to-time I do break out my Logitech G27 although I don't have the legroom for the pedals (too tall) so I either give myself explosive ankle-cramps or have to make-do with using buttons for accelerating/braking.

I think I need a bigger desk.
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Will be using my G27 with G25 shifter.    :D

Wow nice setup dude.

Thanks :)

So much looking forward to play Grid Autosport on my triplescreen setup.  

Here's a pic from Grid 2             ( from left to right 250cm (100 inch))

On topic:

For the open wheel cars i will use the formula rim and i will be using simvibe to display data like RPM / GEARS and laptimes on my 5" note 3

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