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[DR2] List of saved championships scroll bug


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After saving several custom made championships, I came across a strange bug while scrolling through them. Let's say you have 10 championships saved and you start from the top and scroll down to the bottom, you won't find any problems. The game can only show a maximum of 7 championships on the list, so you will initially see the first 7 and once you select the 7th row, the list will go up a bit and will show rows 2 to 8. Then if you scroll down again, you will see rows 3 to 9, etc.

Now while I'm a lazy person, I will always for the shortest routes to a saved game. Now when I still have 10 championships in my list and I want to select the bottom one, I'm not going to scroll down. I know a lot of programs and games support shortcutting the list by going up while you're already at the top and you will automatically go to the bottom of the list. When doing this in Dirt Rally 2.0, my list will not go from the top directly to the bottom, but goes to the bottom row on the screen, but will not shift the whole list. So in this case I'm going from row 1 to row 7 and not from row 1 to row 10 as I would expect. Oke, no big deal. Small bug, this can happen. So now when I'm at row 7 and want to go down, the game suddenly thinks I'm already at the bottom of the list and takes me to row 1 again.

The same thing happens when I actually go down from row 1 to row 10 manually and then go down once again to go back to the top of the list. So while I'm expecting to go from row 10 to row 1, the game actually takes me to row 4. And this time I can't access rows 1 to 3 anymore without going back one step in the menu first, which is also the workaround for the previous paragraph I wrote.

It's no big issue. It's not a game breaking bug. But it's very annoying if you want to access one of your saved championships quicky. I hope you guys can fix this. Thanks.

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