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Is the AI still broke? [Some AI stay on starting Grid for entire race][PC]

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Was back on this game last night after 'some time away'...had fun...which i didnt expect...didnt see one eedjit driver all night..just had a particular AI problem.

I hosted as much as possible, so i could keep it CAT C touring...had AI running to fill empty spots.
In most of the races i hosted, some of the AI cars would just stay sat on the grid for the whole race and the end of race lobby would persist!
Only way out was for me as host to quit so others would get xp [or maybe wait a long time for lobby to timeout]

Joined a few other sessions...they didnt seem to have this problem and included AI.

I saw this problem very occasionally way back when...is this a regular thing these days?
Or am i missing something?

Any help would be appreciated 8D

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Hello m8:)
That AI bug happens from time to time. Codies wont fix it coz they've stopped supporting GAS. 
Solution: avoid racing with AI :)

Nice to hear that u back in the biz (probably) ;)
There is a bunch of fast and fair players racing on a daily basis. Even some G1 old faces. I unfortunately didn't have lotsa time lately but when i see u, i'll join u for some door2door cat C action:) 


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Hey Flowa doode, good to hear you're still about-ish.

Yeah thats what i thought about the problem, just run without AI...like we had to LAST SUMMER!
So theyve stopped supporting a game less than a year old?....guess they're back in the little leagues if thats true
Its a shame it'll never get fixed but i guess that what codemasters have become...hardly masters of code huh!
I wonder how long till they make it unplayable online ala grid1

Maybe see you around then doode, although im spending a lot of time in warframe these days....brill game, brill support, brill envolvement with the devs.
And free to play but not Pay-to-win.
Just wish theyd purchase codemasters lol!!

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Yeah, still alive and kicking with some friends some days when i have time for gaming ;)
Actually, in my opinion, Codies left the game at a stage where i can live with it.
Don't care about RN, what hackers do there, or about IA. I just need servers to be online ;) I can always find fast and fair players, even if it means 1on1 for some time. Last night had loads of fun. Did some hypers, after that some tuned, at the end switched to touring classics. 

After spending already lotsa hours in GAS i will dare to say that i prefer it over Grid 1 )
It' a much deeper game than G1 with more locations, tuning, with more cars  - 80% of them are great fun to drive and believe me Cat C aren't the greatest ;). 
I just took the best of this game and use it to my needs. The rest is just a background. 
Only lack of text chat will always be the biggest disappointment.

I also wish that CM was bigger and more ppl appreciated their games but looks like something went wrong last years. GAS is almost full product, D2/D3 had so much potential and F1 games with same buggs every year. Maybe a buyout by a company that knows how to support its game wud help ;)

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