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Make entire UI operable with only steering wheel buttons

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The game is almost there. I can access everything in the game and menus using only the buttons on my steering wheel (a Thrustmaster TX leather edition), except for two things that I've noticed that require me to use a gamepad or keyboard:

  • The startup screen that says "press start or enter" does not respond to the start button on the wheel; I have to use the keyboard or gamepad. I expect this would be very easy to fix.
  • On the bottom of the "Events" screen, the tab "Summary" is selected. Using the gamepad shoulder buttons, I can switch to the "Rewards" tab, but no button on my wheel does the same thing. Nor have I found any way to map a wheel button to this function in the input configuration. The "Garage" screen has similarly inaccessible tabs (can't switch from "Performance" to "History" or "Info"). UPDATE: Checking again, I just discovered that the accelerator and brake pedals can be used to select these tabs in the menus. So now the only thing I can't do with the wheel/pedals alone is get past the title screen.
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Total annoying that Dirt Rally 2.0 doesn't respond to steeringwheel (Logitech G27) input at start screen and have to press Enter on keyboard.
Dirt Rally, Dirt 4 does it well.

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