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Everything there is to know about Impact Rating

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Hello All,

I am new to Grid:A.  Have been racing in career mode for some time and wanted to go play some online multiplayer.  However, I get a message when trying to join a custom cup saying "no session available for you to join, this might be due to your impact rating."   Being new to the game I have NO idea what it's talking about. Thanks CODEMASTERS!  I am also having trouble finding all the details online too.  If someone could help me out I would appreciate it.

Where can I find my Impact Rating Status?
I hear it's color indicated, but where.  I am new to the game codemasters, help me out.  But instead CODEMASTERS DOES NOT EXPLAIN IT AT ALL.

Am I being rated for impact on every race; career, multiplayer, and singleplayer custom cup?
I have no idea why I go to play online multiplayer for the first time and I can't play because I have a poor impact rating.  If singleplayer is taken into account, well then, it shouldn't.  I should be able to race singleplayer without a conscience, and do whatever I want with those AI bots.  They're just as pushy as I am.  Or maybe I got this rating back when I was player other Codemaster games.  I wouldn't know because CODEMASTERS DOES NOT EXPLAIN IT AT ALL.

What's a good way to improve my Impact Rating?
Can I fall behind the pack on singleplayer custom cups and not touch anything?  Do I have to play racenet challenges cleanly, because that is a multiplayer player mode?  I don't know, I don't have a clue because CODEMASTERS DOES NOT EXPLAIN IT AT ALL.

I don't know if I am the only one having this problem or if I'm being this ignorant.  If someone could take some time and answer my questions that would be great.


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It's just because there are no custom cup sessions within your search parameters. AFAIK impact ratings are just online, so if you haven't raced online, then it will be good. Pretty much the only online rooms with anyone in are Touring and they're getting a bit sparse too.

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Your impact rating is indicated by an exclamation mark next to your name,  red, orange, yellow, green, or white

Red = bad  (Hits other cars)
White = Good (no contact made with other cars)

Hit all the walls etc you like, that doesnt affect your rating.    

Keep your front end from hitting other cars rear ends, and your rating will turn to white eventually. 

If its your first ever race online, your impact rating is yellow.  

join a playlist if you cannot find a custom lobby.  Or start your own custom lobby.  


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Or start your own custom lobby.  

But be aware you could wait until you are my age before somebody jumps in to run a race with you.  Depending on the time of day, it could be a very long time indeed.

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