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Tyre selection being reset


In Career rally. 

I select soft (or wet/winter) tyres to replace default medium. The tyre change counter increments and the selection is 'ticked'. Go into stage- tyre selection seems okay - haven't really seen conditions to really test the tyres yet, but handled montecarlo and wet spain okay.

After two stages, get the service area, and then looking in the tyre menu, (mildly) worn mediums are shown, no tyre changes are incremented and I can select a new set.

As far as I can tell, this seems to only impact the tyre selection menu, but I don't want to get to sweden and not be able to select snow tyres!

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I've been seeing the same thing in career mode. Usually I select soft tires for the stages, and then when I get back to service it shows that the car has used mediums. I'll have to try again to see if the same thing happens on weekly challenges as well.

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