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Classic car top speeds

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I've seen some preview footage of a Mclaren MP4-25 (2010) racing in Monza and i can't help but think why it hits a top speed of 320 kph!!!!!!! You can clearly see that the car has so much more to give on the straights. It was the same case with F1 2018 some cars had very short gear ratios for certain tracks. I personally think Codemasters should implement a gear ratio configurator for CLASSIC CARS just like in F1 2010-2013 were you could play around with the gearing as it was allowed to do so before the new hybrid powertrains.


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I'm honestly MORE surprised as to why they don't give you an option to modify gears for classic cars. They're not the "Current" cars, only current cars have one set Gear Ratio and that's it, older cars could choose from at least a few...

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