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F1 2019 on Xbox One x - WET WEATHER


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Sooo. My game came very early (legends edition). I am absolutely loving it.  Close racing etc.  

But.  What on earth is up with the spray in the wet?  Finding occasional misty spray, but most of the time it is like the track is wet, tyre marks in water, but no real visibility down to 1 metre spray.  

Also tried GP2 in Canada. No spray whatsoever.  

Are Codemasters aware of this?

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CM seem to always falsely adjust the rain spray density, width and length and longevity of the spray itself, if at all they would need to increase all these values by at least another 50%.


Lando Norris commented on this by stating that ingame the visibility is "bad" but he still sees way too much, especially when driving behind another car in close proximity the visibility should be almost imposible to see through.


Would be cool if CM gave us a slider to adjust the rain spray effect ourselves, e.g. from 50% as a minimum value (which should be the current rainspray effect we got at the moment ingame) to 100% as a maximum value (which should reflect correctly how rainspray is for visibility in real life).


This surely needs to be looked into by CM.



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