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LAN in DiRT 4?

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Just a simple question that is important to me:

Will there be a LAN-Mode in Dirt 4?

Sure, nowadays pretty much no one cares for LAN anyway anymore. If a multiplayer-game has no LAN, no one complains. Developers drop a LAN-Mode very often because they fear the pirates, but in the end wherever I look, most pirated games can be played online anyway. As much as I understand the intent to drop LAN, as much it makes me sad.

Sure, no one cares for LAN anymore. Most people sit at home and play online with their friends. Games are always only a temporary enjoyment and soon get forgotten and replaced by sequels or better looking games. As soon as licenses for music and cars fade out, racing games get removed from our beloved shackles called Steam and so on. Still there are some fans that occasionaly put a lot of effort into their old beloved games to get them running and enjoy them from time to time.

Dirt Showdown, Grid 2 and Grid Autosport don't have LAN - so what is the future for Dirt 4?

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