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F1 2019 – PC Known Issues [Update - 27/06]

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Hi all,

Below are a few PC related known issues with how to work around them.

If you find any further issues or bugs, please be sure to check to see if anyone else has posted the same issue as you. If they have not, please read this thread here on how to post bug reports.


  • Nvidia 430.86 drivers and Steam Overlay will cause a crash. Please be sure to remove the Steam Overlay if you have that driver. - Nvidia have released some new beta drivers which should fix this issue for anyone that has access to them. Otherwise we hope they will be released to the general public soon. We will keep you updated when we know more.
  • DX12 – AMD RX – You may experience crashes when using DX12 while Geometry Culling is Enabled. Please either make sure that Geometry Culling is either not enabled or run the game in DX11.
  • DX12 – MSI Afterburner – The game may crash if you go from Windowed mode to Fullscreen or vice versa. We are working with MSI for a fix – Known workaround: Either close MSI Afterburner or run DX11, close the game and then relaunch the game in  DX12.
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Updated the Nvidia 430.86 drivers and Steam Overlay will cause a crash section
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