Hi all, Below are a few PC related known issues with how to work around them. If you find any further issues or bugs, please be sure to check to see if anyone else has posted the same issue as you. If they have not, please read this thread here on how to post bug reports.   PC DX12 Stability Issues on NVIDIA Cards
Some users have reported frequent stability issues when running the game in DX12 on NVidia cards. One known workaround is to disable the Shader Cache option for this game. To do this: Launch the NVIDIA Control Panel Select to "Manage 3D Settings" Click on the "Program Settings" tab Click the "Add button" Scroll down to and select the "F1 2019 Executable" from the lists of programs Click on the "Shader Cache" option within the program settings window and set this to "Off" Relaunch the game and check whether this has improved game stability. Please note that changing this option may increase your loading times.   NVIDIA drivers and Steam Overlay.
Running with NVidia drivers earlier than 430.86 and enabling the Steam overlay may cause the game to crash. Please be sure to update your NVidia drivers to resolve this issue.   MSI Afterburner Support in DX12. 
The game may crash if you go from Windowed mode to Fullscreen or vice versa. We are working with MSI for a fix – Known workaround: Either close MSI Afterburner or run DX11, close the game and then relaunch the game in  DX12.